Aira's prism jumpsEdit

  • Fresh fruit basket
  • Fresh fruit planet
  • Lovely rainbow                                                     
  • Miss fairy girl
  • Fresh fruit paraside                                                  
  • Heart pounding experience
  • Fluttering petals of love                                                                              
  • Bloom Bloom blooming flowers
  • Crystal splash

  • Heartful splash
  • Valentine choco parade                                                                         
  • Aurora rising dream

Prism jumps with RizumuEdit

  • Fly high cheering girls
  • Heart arc fantasy
  • Stardust shower                    
  • Colourful choco parade                                                        
  • Heart Pounding Experience                                                        
  • Wonder sweets show
  • Heartful splash duet
  • Heartful splash

Prism jumps with MionEdit

  • Fly high cheer girls
  • Fluttering petals of love                                                                      

Prism jumps of MARSEdit

  • Cheerful Hip Hop Win
  • Do - re - fa slider
  • Mars phoenix                                                                            
  • Fly high cheer girls                                                                                   
  • Refreshing vitamin gardern sunshine                           
  • Exicting hallowen night
  • Miracle snow christmas                                                                               


Dream goes on              

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