MARs is a group of Mion, Aira & Rizumu(Rhythm). The group MARs was first formed in episode 22.

Pretty Rhythm aurora dream épisode 2223:56

Pretty Rhythm aurora dream épisode 22

MARs group was formed.



Members :

Harune Aira, Amamiya Rizumu, Takamine Mion.

First formed at :

Episode 22

Occupation :

Prism Stars

Dresses :

Lovely Star Dress(Aira), Uniform Dress(Rizumu)& Sweet Red Dress(Mion)

Takigawa Jun & President Kyoyko formed the group MARs.

MARs songsEdit

We Will Win!02:03

We Will Win!

We Will Win!

Hop Step Jump-001:41

Hop Step Jump-0

Hop Step Jump

Mera Mera Heart03:37

Mera Mera Heart

Mera Mera Heart

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